• AnonymousCan freshmen get singles in terms of housing?
  • It’s very hard to get a single, especially for freshman. Most freshman who have singles get them because of a medical reason. You can apply for special accommodations due to a medical condition. However, those applications are reviewed and must meet certain requirements. Most of my friends who have medical singles have them because they have extreme OCD.

    Here’s an exert about them from the school website:

    "Special Accommodations
    If you require special housing accommodations due to a documented medical condition, please make a note on the housing preference form in the section titled Special Circumstances. These requests must include: a current statement of the medical or mental health diagnosis by the appropriate treatment professional, the treating professional’s discussion of the functional impact this diagnosis has on community living, and the requested accommodation. Requests will be reviewed by committee. Most buildings do have single rooms, however most have been chosen by upperclassmen and limited space is available for incoming students.”

    I think it’s important to note there is no stigma against people in medical singles. However, you don’t want to take one away from someone who really needs it.

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  • 6 months ago