• AnonymousI got a Q for you. Does WAC have a summer semester or offer any classes at all during the summer? Nice blog btw, I like your photos.
  • Thank you! I’m not sure if there are summer courses offered at the school. However, I know that there are some classes with residing professors abroad, such as Kiplin Hall for those interested in English. “During the three-week Kiplin Hall program, students attend lectures each morning and participate in field excursions in the afternoons… Students have an opportunity to explore areas where Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and other influential literary figures found so much inspiration.”


    Also, there is a Maine summer course for biology students. They go to Maine and do biology stuff… “The summer course BIO 210: Community Ecology of Coastal Maine is offered by the Department of Biology at the Mount Desert Island Biological Lab just down the road from Bar Harbor, Maine and includes daily field trips into Acadia National Park. The course addresses the ecology of terrestrial and marine communities in the park and offers exciting experiential opportunities in a beautiful setting.”


    And WAC is partners with CISabroad, a company that connects us to schools that offer summer classes in Argentina, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Edcuador, England, Francd, Ghana, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Scotland, South America, and Spain.

    Also, there are a lot of research and internship opportunities. For example, in the summer of 2013, History students interned at the National Portrait Gallers, the American Art Museum, the Library of Congress, the National Constitution Center, the Maryland State Archives and the U.S. House of Representatives. You can read more about it at The Elm, our school newspaper: http://www.washcoll.edu/live/news/3335-money-to-learn-paid-summer-internships

    Point being, WAC offers a lot of different opportunities over the summer. If you really wanted to take classes that they don’t offer in the summer term, you can always take classes at your local community college. You’d have to make sure the credits transfer over before you signed up, but that’s a really easy process. Just a form. The registrar office is pretty efficient.

    Hope this helps. Emailing registrar@washcoll.edu will give you more information if you’re still interested. Best wishes!
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