• p1zzal0verHello I will be attending Washington college in the fall & I have a question for you :) - what is a better major that you'll get more benefits and opportunities in: Pre-Med or Pharmacy?
  • I don’t really know much about either majors. Just that they are both pretty rigorous. My friend Jordan is premed. So I asked her what she thought. Here’s what she said:
    “I would consider premed more difficult than pharmaceuticals. Pharmacists generally go to less school, have slightly less competition, and have an easier time finding a job post-grad school. Although premed is more difficult generally, it leads to stronger benefits and pay later in life. It all depends on your academic drive. If you’re willing to commit to tons of school and investments, then premed will be really worth it in the long run. But if you just want something medicinal with less trouble, then pharmaceuticals are a great choice!”

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  • 6 months ago
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